Canadian Valley Farms is operated by the Wooliver family in Lexington, Oklahoma.  We are a family farm in the truest since of the word, in that we only rely upon ourselves and our children to produce unique, quality products to our customers.  Our specialty is exceptional quality heirloom fruits and vegetables, as well as heritage livestock breeds that can rarely be found elsewhere.  We offer our local honey, fruits, vegetables, and meat products when seasonally available.  We believe in the importance of preserving the genetic heritage of our produce and animals in an agriculture system that typically only focuses on quantity and uniformity. ​​

 Our production model is unique in that we take a holistic approach to managing the ecosystem on our farm.  For us, this begins with soil health and biodiversity.  Healthy soils produce amazing quality, and biodiversity helps regulate pest pressure.  We never use chemical pesticides, herbicides, or fungicides that sterilize the soil.  We focus on bolstering the soil food web by promoting symbiotic relationships commonly found in nature in our production.  We regularly use trap crops for pest control, as well as establishing beneficial insect habitats throughout our farm.  We always use no-till farming methods and cover crops to bolster soil health.  We consistently strive to see that our bees, plants, and animals work in unison with the rhythm of nature to produce the best quality products just as nature intended.

Coming this Fall:

Canadian Valley Farms Pumpkin Patch!

Hay rides, pumpkin picking , local produce & more....
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